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Late Afternoon Highlights

Hi, I'm banazir and I'll be your hobbit guest editor today while our hostess istari_ala is away.

It's been a bit of a slow day in AFT/RABT...

+ Half-Elf Elrond - A little bit Elda, a little bit rock 'n' roll: Morgil relates the breakdown of Elrond's genealogy (a semi-frequently asked question)

Lands of Middle-earth [RABT]
+ Mordor's poisonous air - EPA report on Mordor (in rec.arts.books.tolkien): AC discusses the pollution levels in the Land of Shadow

+ Boromir's Horn - Tootle him with vigor: Conrad Dunkerson suspends his disbelief regarding the Horn of Boromir

Story Time
+ Shire Murder Mysteries: Death of Heir - Chapter 13 (by Count Menelvagor) in this continuing story by the denizens of TEUNC

For those who came in late: Wednesday's highlights

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*hugs Bana* Thank you. I didnt ask or suggest you fill in because I thought you might be too busy, so it was really nice that you did anyway :)
Naytime, Ala!