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Late Late Highlights

Dontcha hate it when someone hogs the line all night when they're supposed to be packing to leave the country? *sigh*

+ Orcs cannibals? - Tolkien indicated they are, and Öjevind Lång provides the references.

+ LotR Exhibition Comes to London - 16th September 2003 to 11th January 2004 at the Science Museum

Off Topic
+ Book related at least. Deep in the Merits of Harry Potter thread, someone gave this quote from Phillip Pullman:

  "One mistake that adults used to make about children's books is to think that children's books deal with trivial things - little things that please little minds and little concerns about little people. Nothing could be further from the truth. Quite the contrary, it's been my observation that a lot of highly praised adult books, or highly successful adult books, of recent years have dealt with trivial things, such as 'Does my bum look big in this?', 'Will my favourite football team win the cup?' or "Oh dear, my girlfriend's left me, whatever am I going to do?'. Whereas the children's books have dealt with ultimate questions: 'Where do we come from?', 'What's that nature of being a human being?', 'What must I do to be good?'. These are profound questions, very deeply important questions, and they're being dealt with, largely, not in the books that adults read, but in the books that children read."
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