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Return of the.. stuff

It's nearly a month since the last aft_tolkien update, but I'm glad to report that this is the last week of my working overtime. So once I've recovered from harrasing an elf at the weekend, regular highlights should resume.

Here's some of what's been going on in Alt.Fan.Tolkien in the past month:

+ Queer Sign - Conrad Dunkerson describes the symbols Gandalf scratched onto Bilbo's door.

+ Gondor and the North - How aware was Gondor of events in Erebor and the Battle Of The Five Armies? The thread also evolves into a debate about how much control Sauron had over what Denathor saw through the palantir.

+ Hobbit Town - new filk by Dr. Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Chapter Of The Week
"The (AFT) and rec.arts.books.tolkien (RABT) newsgroups are proud to present to you this weekly series of discussion threads. The purpose is to inspire some Tolkien book-reading and discussion on a regular schedule, at a pace most people can manage, and at all levels of expertise from complete newbies to lifelong Tolkien experts."

+ This Week - The Hobbit: Chapter 1 An Unexpected Party
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