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Warning: advanced physics

Here's some more highlights from the past month of Alt.Fan.Tolkien, which I should be back up to date with soon. Chapter Of The Week highlights will follow later today.

What if..
+ Gandalf's Intended Plan in the books - What would the fellowship have done if they had completed the journey south together?

Ring Theory
Hasdrubal Hamilcar / Hasan Murtaza puts forth some ideas about the science behind the one ring:
+ Part 1 - Is the ring a superconductor?
+ Part 2 - The lettering on the ring. Magnetic properties. Touching the ring.
+ Part 3 - Eddy currents inside the ring
+ Part 4 - The material of the ring of power.
+ Part 5 - Capacitance effects (not posted yet)
+ Part 6 - Ways to destroy the ring

Did you miss the last bunch of highlights?
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