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Here be highlights

+ Who knew the company were in Lorien? - Did Sauron know?

+ What Else to Buy - a list of Tolkien-related books, films and collectables.

+ Unfinished Tales - Christian Hannibal praises this often overlooked book.

Chapter of The Week
+ The Hobbit - Chapter 2: Roast Mutton

Suggested things to discuss for this chapter include:
- Did Bilbo really have to clean his entire mansion by himself?
- Let's assume that there is an internal story explanation for why would the troll be named William Huggins. What would it be?
- Can Trolls be saved after they turn to stone?
- How on Arda did the three stupid Trolls get ahold of Turgon's swords???

Did you miss Sunday's highlights?

And don't forget to get the best of Tolkien news from wee_tolkien
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